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Welcome to Local London Meetup! This group is run side by side with our local blog, Living London Ontario. This group is dedicated to Londoners that want to experience all things local in the city of London, Ontario. One month we may visit a cafe to meet the locals, and learn about the entrepreneurs behind the counter, another month we may be at a local brewery, rock climbing or ax throwing. The possibilities are endless and intended for all age groups that are 19+, as long as you're looking to have a great time!  Register below to receive updates about the first Local London Meetup:

To give you a background about myself, my name is Austin D. Titus, I was born and raised in London, Ontario. Having a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and helping others achieve their goals I began livingldnont.com with the intention to share the hidden gems of London with the community. The incredible success from the blog sparked my interest in creating a group to allow for members of the community to connect and have a great time experiencing all things local.

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