The Hood Archery Games Premiere Archery Tag

Have you ever dreamed of being Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen or Green Arrow? Have you ever thought it would be great to shoot your friends, family and coworkers (or boss) with a bow and arrows and not get in trouble for it? The Hood Archery Games, all of these dreams become a reality in an exciting and adrenaline-rushing experience that requires you to give it your all. 

The Hood Archery Games is London’s premiere Archery Tag facility. Conveniently located in the south end of the city near the 401 exit, it can be reached by bus and is within walking distance of White Oak’s Mall. The owner, Glen, first opened the doors last November after a long-time dream of owning his own business. After thinking of something new and fun he could bring to the people of London, he decided on an Archery Tag venue because of his interests in archery and famous fictional archer characters, like Robin Hood.

For those unfamiliar with Archery Tag, it’s an exciting game of dodgeball meets archery. The game involves two teams armed with bows. The deputy talks players through how to properly shoot, safety practices, and rules of the games. Archers are then brought into the arena equipped with air filled barriers spaced out to allow for some protection but not too much. Teams take their sides and on the deputy’s signal, everyone rushes to the middle of the arena to gather their ammunition: foam-tipped arrows. Players shoot their opponents with arrows that fly at a rate of 90 FPS (average paintball travels at 280 FPS). Over the 50 minute session, players experience a variety of games: some are strictly elimination style, while others involve joining the enemy team, taking a knee and waiting to be revived by a healer, or heading to the “hospital” for a countdown back to health. These games get you moving and into the competitive mindset; you will feel the need to win at any costs, even if that means shooting your best friend, your mom, or your spouse.

Over the past nine months since it’s opening, The Hood has been involved in a variety of events across London. The Hood owner, Glen, and his staff are very proud to be involved with local community organizations. Youth groups make repeat visits, as do local teen sports teams and Girl Guides troops. The Hood Archery games was also asked to be one of the events at the Oxford Renaissance Festival this year where they set up an outdoor arean. In addition, The Hood Archery Games has been involved in several Ronald McDonald House Charity events such as the Windsor and London Corporate Challenges, The Red Shoe Society Summer Sizzle, and Coin Your Logo for Cancer fundraiser. They strive to make meaningful connections with local businesses, including Boston Pizza, Exodus Escape Room, and Boler Mountain, to name a few.

Generally, The Hood operates during evenings and weekends, opened from 6 PM-9PM Wednesday and Thursday, 6PM – 10PM Fridays, 11 AM – 10PM on Saturdays, and 1PM-7PM on Sundays. Game times, however, are flexible, and private session can be booked outside of regular operating hours as long as it is done so a week in advance. For more information, you can visit their website at or give them a call at 519-681-4663. Their friendly staff are always happy to talk about archery. You can also check out The Hood Archery Games on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.