Plant Matter Kitchen Vegan Eatery in Wortley Village

As a passionate vegan and pathfinder of pure foods, Plant Matter Kitchen founder Glenn Whitehead has always found the best vegan cuisine to be cooked up in his own kitchen--both at home and in business.

As a father of five and the designated household chef, Glenn has long been practicing vegan home cooking and has worked diligently to only feed his family meals made with only the highest quality organic ingredients.

In early 2016, Glenn came upon the opportunity to share his food philosophy with the public. While walking his dogs one evening, he passed a “For Lease” sign on a recently closed juice bar in Wortley Village. Deciding that his own community was in need of a vegan restaurant, he and business partner Melanie Wendt sat down for lunch and devised a plan for what would become Plant Matter Kitchen. 

At home and at Plant Matter Kitchen, Glenn and Melanie’s local yet adventurous cooking routines have lead them to connect with nearby farmers, organic produce delivery providers, and local breweries and beverage providers. Leveraging the partnerships he and Melanie developed over the years has helped build Plant Matter Kitchen into a fully equipped eatery that sources the best ingredients and builds meals that focus on health and wellness using only sustainable and conscientious practices.

Plant Matter Kitchen serves the meals that Glenn serves in his kitchen at home: plant-based meals that are comforting, healthy, and delicious. They have as little of an impact on the planet as possible and bring together organic ingredients that nourish the body, mind, and soul. From a seed-based mac n’ cheese and shepherd’s pies, to wheatgrass shots and freshly blended smoothies, the menu ranges from the familiar to the exotic, with recognizable staples and a variety of seasonal offerings—such as rosemary-infused corn on the cob.

Wortley Village’s new vegan eatery is a hub where like-minded organic and local vendors and suppliers are brought together under the same roof for the unified purpose of making quality, healthy, sustainable, organic meals more readily available in London.

Plant Matter Kitchen’s doors are now open and the chefs are ready to cook for you at 162 Wortley Road in the heart of Wortley Village.

We encourage you to learn more about Plant Matter Kitchen through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or check out their website