Locomotive Espresso - Dialed In for Great Espresso

Locomotive Espresso was born out of Charles and Jill Wright's passion for great coffee. They were dissatisfied with the London coffee scene and wanted a place that echoed what they experienced through their travels abroad. Places like Australia, Seattle and Italy where coffee was not just a quick stop over during your commute but a relaxing break with great tasting coffee (we are talking the kind you don't need to add sugar to) from your daily routine. 

Pondering that desire for a few years Charles saw an opportunity here to recreate a community cafe here in the Forest City and a fruitful association with Pilot Roasters of Toronto was formed. Pilot is a small roaster and cafe owner (Te Aro) run by two New Zealand brothers which won 2014's Roast Magazine's Micro Roaster of the year. Thus, Locomotive Espresso, the little cafe that could, has been humming at 408 Pall Mall Street next to the train tracks ever since, pairing the perfect bean with the laid-back setting of historic Woodfield neighbourhood.
The key for the Wrights was not just great coffee but the cafe vibe as well, which meant a cozy decor and friendly, knowledgeable staff. They also wanted to give back to London by carrying almost exclusively locally sourced foods, snacks and beverages for customers both on the go and those wishing to stay awhile. Locomotive Espresso is the only coffee shop in London featuring an artisan toast bar. The fresh loaves from Artisan Bakery change weekly coming in a variety of flavours such as beet honey carrot, jalapeno cheddar and multigrain to name a few along with a wide variety of butters, jams and spreads for your tastebuds to delight in.

Looking to stay on trend and in the moment, the Wrights have partnered with many local businesses and Sarah Cox, the manager, plus a core group of baristas have been working their magic now for just over 2.5 years. 

In many cases being first to carry upstart products such as Booch Organic Kombucha, Pulp & Press Juices and Bliss Bars. This summer brought the first wave of Pilot's Nitro Cold Brew to the city with the convenient canned beverage ready for relaxing afternoons or staying up late and studying. The cafe also carries a variety of specialty coffee makers such as the Aeropress, V60 drip and Chemex, gift certificates, teas and the barista approved KeepCup.

Locomotive Espresso is about being an incubator supporting the neighborhood and local businesses. It's about respecting where the beans come from and maintaining their integrity right down to the moment they are ground and extracted into a perfectly crafted beverage. Most of all it's about giving Londoners a place to relax, share a table (something that is highly encouraged), meet new people and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

We encourage you to learn more about Locomotive espresso through their website here or check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Show your love for Locomotive Espresso by commenting below and sharing their success with family and friends!