ICONIC CNC - A New Take On Woodworking Technology

In early 2016, the father/son duo of Steve & Jeremy Stevenson took a leap of faith, leaving the comforts of their full-time jobs to begin ICONIC Inc. After 10+ years of experience within the woodworking industry, and thousands of CNC machines sold throughout North America, it was only a matter of time. Being entrepreneurs at heart, it was their desire to step out on their own and have a more hands-on approach to their products and its marketing.

ICONIC is the proud manufacturer of CNC products (Computer Numerical-Controlled woodworking routers), primarily marketing to educational facilities and small wood shops. In today’s industry, Steve & Jeremy see a large demand for new technology within woodworking classrooms. CNC technology is a great way to prepare students for the always-advancing workplace; it provides them with the tools, and the avenue, to let their creativity run wild. CNC is also great for wood shops looking to open new revenue streams, and gives them a competitive edge in the market. Shops can create personalized signage, coasters, customized cabinets, or add unique touches to furniture pieces.

The focus of ICONIC is not only to provide customers with a product, but a solution.  They provide all of the training resources necessary to help anyone, regardless of previous CNC experience, learn the technology. While customer service tends to be a lost art these days, Steve & Jeremy pride themselves on doing it in excellence; always making themselves available to customers, and ensuring that they get the most out of their investment. ICONIC puts a strong value on their customer’s feedback and experiences, and uses it to enhance their products and training resources.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around.”
— Steve Jobs

ICONIC works alongside a dedicated group of North American resellers to help market their products, including Federated Tool in London, ON. They also use their brand new e-commerce website, allowing customers to purchase the products online, and have it shipped direct to their door.

One particular marketing tool, which separates ICONIC from much of the woodworking industry, is their use of social media. It is no secret that the woodworking industry is very old fashioned, with a “brick and mortar” mindset, and is very slow to adapt to the internet world - social media, in particular. ICONIC realizes that it can be used as a powerful marketing tool that potentially allows them to reach millions of untapped customers.

As of today, Steve & Jeremy are the only two employees of ICONIC, working out of their home offices and garages. While many family-run businesses tend to falter, their unique relationship and skills sets have allowed them to thrive in business together for many years. Steve, the extrovert of the two, focuses primarily on the sales-side of the business, spending hours each day on the phone, and travelling to trade shows throughout North America. Jeremy, the introvert, tends to play a much more behind-the-scenes role, whether through technical support, web & graphic design, or managing ICONIC’s social media. 

It is rare to find people who are willing to work late on a Friday night, or throughout the weekend and still be excited to get started on Monday morning. Steve & Jeremy have found a business that they are both passionate about, and look forward to the unique challenges that each day brings. In the spirit of being true entrepreneurs, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

We encourage you to learn more about Iconic Inc. through their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube or on their website. You can also email Iconic here.