Glassroots Vegan Restaurant

With a long list of education and over 25 years of combined experience in the restaurant and wine industries, owners of Glassroots on 646 Richmond Street in London Ontario, Yoda Olinyk and Mike Fish opened the cities very first licensed fully plant based restaurant in May of 2016. Taking over the previous restaurant location of Veg Out a local vegetarian restaurant in London Ontario, Yoda and Mike brought a new business model to the table, literally. As an upscale casual dining restaurant they serve a number of local wines and their dishes are created from scratch through research and innovation to provide customers with nutrient rich foods. As their wine and restaurant menu changes every week to integrate seasonality changes and local business products such as Nuts For Cheese, you are sure to have a unique experience every time you visit Glassroots.

When Yoda Olinyk and Mike Fish met five years before opening Glassroots in London Ontario, they both realized they had the same mission, to bring together Yoda's love of food and Mike's love of wine into one central location. As Yoda is currently the owner of a local plant based catering business, Yoda's Kitchen as well as the co-owner of Glassroots, she only switched over to serving purely vegan in the year 2015. With fear of damaging her catering business, Yoda was surprised to discover that her fan base grew and her business excelled further than before, and as the only vegan caterer in London, Yoda knew she made the right choice.

Shortly after switching over to a completely plant based catering business, Yoda and Mike invested their life savings into Glassroots, and realized that they were not the only ones to believe in the project. With previous loyal customers of Veg Out, Yoda's current customers and those who saw a need for a fully licensed upscale casual vegan restaurant they gained a tremendous amount of attention for the concept. While the market is a very small niche, though growing, they were able to raise over $11,000 on Kickstarter, and they gained a tremendous amount of followers on their social media platforms in a short amount of time. 

Mike's knowledge of wine has also helped to create an identity for Glassroots in London Ontario. As a professor at Fanshawe College teaching Wines of The World, and Mixology, as well as travelling London England to take a two-week course at the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, his knowledge on the subject of wine brings a new element to their vegan casual upscale restaurant. Travelling all over Ontario to bring back wines for customers, Mike supports local rather than the same big brand names, which is one of the reasons Glassroots has stood out to us.

We encourage you to learn more about Glassroots in London Ontario check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or check out their website. You can also call Glassroots at (519) 850-8688 or email them at

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