City Match A New Way to Relocate

As you may know, Living London Ontario is a celebration of the many local businesses that contribute every day to make London a great city to live, work and play. Recently, I had the chance to sit down and chat with local entrepreneur and Founder of CityMatch – Jodi Simpson – who is all about the London lived experience for newcomers who have relocated to London, Ontario. 

CityMatch is a unique relocation and settlement service provider focused exclusively on people relocating to the city. After enjoying a rich and rewarding career, Jodi founded CityMatch in 2015 after recognizing that local area businesses were facing a gap for a full-service, high-touch settlement consultant who could provide a soft-landing for their new relocating employees (and their families). 

Jodi has long been an ambassador and champion of London, and understands the challenges that many London-based companies face: to stand out, to compete for talent, and battle the perception that London can be a ‘tough city to crack’. CityMatch evolved out of a combination of this understanding, a genuine desire to show newcomers the great city that London is, and the opportunity to support her clients in meaningful ways.

Jodi and the local employers she supports also understand well that relocation can be time consuming, stressful and a drain on productivity. Her services can spell the difference between a good and a great talent management program. She works very closely with the relocating employee and their families and depending on the program (Express or Embed) and will often spend several months preparing and supporting the family throughout the entire process. Her days are full and eclectic. From helping her clients find a suitable neighbourhood, home, daycare centre, school for their children to accessing services and dealing with the nuances and finer details that comes with moving to a new city – Jodi is on hand supporting her clients.

Since launching her business, Jodi has been supporting relocating families from all over the country as well as International locations where the need for relocation and settlement assistance is most needed. Her clients range from medium sized companies, to large healthcare and education organizations to large multinational firms.

In her view, her goal is fairly singular. She aims to help her clients fall in love with London and establish a rewarding life in the Forest City. Like us, Jodi is really a champion of all of the local businesses and organizations that make London wonderfully unique and we are thrilled that her services are available for people considering making London their new home.