Cannon & Coil - London Based Creative Studio

Cannon & Coil is the name of the creative studio owned and operated by Cody McCullough. Based in the heart of downtown London, Ontario, C&C strives to provide multifaceted design and creative services for small-to-large sized businesses that allow them to effectively communicate within their industries. "I like to operate at the intersection of creativity, psychology and analytics" says McCullough. His projects span from logo design to photography and consist of everything in between. 

McCullough has worked with London, Ontario based companies Anita Norris Models, iConect, Premier Life, CHE Restobar and Kosmos Catering & Eatery just to name a few. On a national scale, he has worked with sportswear giant Adidas, soccer club Toronto FC and travel innovators The Yacht Week. 

"Truthfully, up until the moment I decided I would go out on my own and start my own creative studio here in London, I spent majority of my working life somehow landing roles I was super under-qualified for. A lot of the time I would walk into an interview and hope that my charisma would get the interviewer to say 'Okay this guys personable, he can have a job.' This forced me to constantly be learning on the fly once I actually had the job and work until I had the best possible method to get something done."

McCullough says that transferred unbelievably well into running his business. "It feels weird to admit, but in an industry where there are no definitive answers, the importance lays within the process. You're never selling a client on a refined idea from get-go but more so in the potential of what you're capable of and how you get to the destination"

"When it comes to design and brand identity, I've always been more interested and intrigued by what isn't there than what is." says McCullough.  "Sometimes the subtleties of an idea can be what make it so innovative and effective." With a preference for very clean and minimal design, Cody cites design pioneers like George Lois, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser, Saul Bass and Stefan Sagmeister as some of his main inspirations when working on different projects. 

"The creative community in London is definitely an interesting one. There are creatives doing some super cool work here. Andrew Lewis, Alex Sworik, Johnny DG and Juanita Lee Garcia are some of my favourites. Juan has a really cool show at DNA Artspace, if you're a fan of art or design you should definitely check it out." 

Cannon & Coil is always looking for creatives to collaborate with. If you are a designer, photographer or artist, you can get in touch here:

Alternatively, if you're a business looking for help on the design/branding/photography front, you can get in touch at and check out his work at: You can also learn more about Cannon & Coil on Facebook and Instagram