Bake Shop Studio - Not Your Average Bakery

Owner and Cake designer Kate St Laurent works on cake sketches for her clients at Bake Shop Studio. While this may not sound so unusual, Bake Shop Studio is definitely not your average Bakery. 

Before opening Bake Shop Studio, Kate had developed a large portfolio of work. “I went to Art School, I’ve studied with top cake designers and I have years of experience working in bakeries so I knew that I was ready.” she says. At first Kate planned on renting a commercial kitchen to work from and start up her business slowly, but there was a hitch. She found there were very few commercial kitchen spaces available and those that were didn’t have the right equipment for a baker’s needs. “The average commercial kitchen space is designed for savoury meal prep, not baking.” She adds. So she decided to go big and create a commercial kitchen specifically for baking. Today, working along side Kate are several other bakers who need a commercial kitchen space to begin their businesses.

“Clients love the concept. They can rent the studio for baking with virtually no start-up costs and flexible working hours. The shop is fully equipped, from ovens and mixers down to all the basics like spatulas, knifes and whisks”

This fall the shop is launching several baking and cake decorating classes for those who want to have fun and learn a new skill.  Since Bake Shop Studio does not keep regular hours for the public, classes offer a chance for people to come see everything the studio has to offer.  “We have an amazing fall lineup of baking classes such as Red Pepper Jelly Canning, Halloween Cookies, Thanksgiving Desserts and Handmade Sugar Flowers, to name a few.” Tickets are selling fast - get yours before they sell out here.

Bake Shop Studio may not be located in London, Ontario, we certainly did not want to miss out on an opportunity to have them be featured on our community blog. While Kate’s main business is in St. Thomas, she certainly makes her way into the London area frequently. We encourage you to learn more about Bake Shop Studio on their Facebook and Instagram or check out their website here.