Jack's Beads - A Fresh Take On Handmade Jewellery

There’s an emerging name in the Old South fashion scene, and that name is Smith. Jack Smith. Jack is the founder of “Jack’s Beads”, a company providing a fresh take on the handmade jewellery market.

Jack has always had a love for handmade, locally made jewellery, which is why in September 2017 he decided to use this passion for good. Jack started a bracelet campaign in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness month, in honour of his late sister Lauren who lost her brave battle with cancer in December 2014. Jack made and sold the bracelets almost entirely on his own, with some help from friends when the demand became too much. Through this campaign Jack was able to raise over $2000, all of which he donated to ChildCan, an organization supporting families in their fight with childhood cancer.

After the campaign was complete, Jack continued to make bracelets for himself, experimenting with different materials and styles that couldn’t be found in a typical big box store. As friends began to request custom bracelets from him, and compliments from strangers flooded in, an idea began to take shape.

Instagram based businesses have become extremely popular in our social media world, so this is where Jack decided to showcase his products. His page quickly became a hit, as people loved the fact that all his bracelets are handmade and personally customizable.

As his business continues to grow, the future possibilities are endless. Jack is currently working on developing a website, as well as finding an online marketplace to better serve his customers. He is also interested in partnering with local businesses with a similar brand in order to give his beads a retail venue. If you’re interested in purchasing something from Jack’s Beads or would like to connect with him, check out @jacksbeads on Instagram.