Lofthouse Living - A Unique Offering to Downtown London

Lofthouse Living is a relatively new retail space in Downtown London, Ontario, owned by husband and wife Jennifer & Jesse Lofthouse. Lofthouse Living was created to be as authentic to the owners as possible, anyone can open a shop and fill it with product; however, Jennifer and Jesse want their customers to leave their store with a relational experience, visual inspiration and possibly an item that they can incorporate into their own home.


Lofthouse Living offers a shop filled with neutral items that can turn your house into a home. Anything from a greeting card to a coffee table. Often Lofthouse Living has customers who will do their gift purchasing through them, so they always have a handful of gift ideas up their sleeve. On the other side of the business, Jesse offers interior painting, as well as custom furniture creations. After a complimentary meet & greet, together with his clients he is able to create the perfect piece to suit their home (ie: harvest & coffee tables).

In a world of Pinterest, and Instagram, Jennifer mentions that it’s difficult to be unique, they are huge fans of many shops across the globe, and have been able to draw inspiration from many of them. They’ve borrowed the concept of combining local craft, antique and vintage pieces as well as new product. What makes Lofthouse Living truly unique however, is sticking to a neutral palette and the golden rule that if Jesse and Jennifer wouldn’t love it in their own home – they simply don’t stock it. They’ve also been able to create our own products (and scents) that are truly one of a kind.


Lofthouse Living is located at 171 Queens Avenue, London, Ontario and they multi-share the space with their friends at David E White. Lofthouse Living consumes the gallery space, while the behind the scenes of the shop is a functioning dry cleaning drop off & tailoring studio.

One of their biggest challenges at Lofthouse Living has been stocking product on a tight budget. The opportunity to open the shop came at them fast and furious. Jennifer and Jesse jumped on the chance to start their dream, something they thought was 10 years down the road. Lofthouse Living started off with with most of Jennifer and Jesse’s living room contents and antiques they had been collecting - and often joked that it looked like a garage sale.

Jennifer and Jesse are extremely thankful that the community of London has been extremely supportive. They admit, that Lofthouse Living is not the easiest to visually spot, or find parking, yet the London community makes the effort to come and support them every day.

This year and years to come, Jennifer and Jesse look forward to connecting with more customers, continuing to introduce London to new product, and participate in more community events!

Interested in visiting Lofthouse Living? Check out their website here, or take a look at their gorgeous Instagram page here.