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About The Tea Lounge:

Bringing an authentic tea experience to London, Ontario is exactly what owners of The Tea Lounge in London, Ontario did. Owners of The Tea Lounge, Tang and Michelle met at Fanshawe College in the Tea Sommelier program, Michelle as the instructor and Tang as the student, both sharing a passion for the study of tea. After traveling to China, Tang to explore the tea gardens and Michelle to study the nutritional value and benefits, they both saw a potential to venture into creating a tea lounge in London, Ontario, a city where they both call home.

Over one hundred teas are available at The Tea Lounge, all of which are supplied from beTeas, Michelle's personal company. With a focus on high quality, all of beTeas are Sommelier-sourced and Nutritionist-approved, brought in from around the world, free from artificial flavouring and added sugars or sweeteners. While ensuring high quality, beTeas also focuses on making sure that their teas are sourced ethically and through trusted vendors. One variation of tea is sourced from a tea garden where they were the first in Nepal to pay women equally and another tea offered is sourced from a third generation tea master.

Location of the Tea lounge:


While only opening shop in 2016, owner of The Tea Lounge, Tang, commented on the love of the community of London, Ontario and Piccadilly Street. The Piccadilly Area Neighbourhood Facebook Group hosts a number of private events for those involved in the community at The Tea Lounge. Tang loves that the location of The Tea Lounge is centrally located as it gives guests the ability to come from all sides of the city. Being on Piccadilly Street, they are able to still maintain the quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core in London.

Supporting local is exactly what The Tea Lounge is all about, featuring foods from Boho Bakeshop, Nuts for Cheese, All Bout Cheese and Spruce on Wellington to name a few. What sets The Tea Lounge apart however, is offering a traditional style tea service, one of, if not the only Tea Lounge in Southwestern, Ontario. Some of their serving styles include Traditional Chinese, Japanese and English, as well as Contemporary and Grandpa Style loose leaf tea. Don't get The Tea Lounge confused with your typical mainstream tea shops, owners Tang and Michelle are certainly experts in the field and love to share their wealth of knowledge. 

Interior Photos:

My Experience at The Tea Lounge:

On May 4th, I had the honour to meet owner Tang at The Tea Lounge and my experience was unmatched when comparing to my previous experiences in tea drinking. From walking in the door you are greeted by an open space meant to bring people together and create an environment which is relaxing  for others to enjoy their tea. Some of the furniture pieces were hand crafted in India while others were passed down in the family. You can't miss the tea wall with over a hundred different teas available to customers.

Considering myself a heavy tea drinker, I had never tasted the quality of tea that was provided during my visit. As a lover of green tea, Tang gave me a sample of the most famous green tea in all of China, West Lake Longjing, which is harvested from Dragon Well, a village near West Lake.  It's also not everyday that you consider eating tea leaves, however, because the quality of the tea provided by beTeas, Tang gave me the experience, adding that consumption of high quality tea gives additional health benefits.

What made the visit special is the knowledge that Tang had regarding the process as well as various tea types. Taking the time to share his knowledge on the subject allowed for me to make more educated decisions on what I should be looking for in tea as well as how to properly make the tea based on the type. I encourage any tea lover or those who inspire to be a tea lover, to check out The Tea Lounge. 

Demonstration From Tang:

Interested in learning more about The Tea Lounge in London, Ontario? Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and their website. You can download their upcoming events by click here, or download their lunch menu by clicking here.

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