New Supper Experience at Wich is Wich


Located across from the Covent Garden Market, on 125 King Street in London, Ontario, is a local restaurant named Wich is Wich. If you haven't heard of Wich is Wich now is your chance, if you have, you'll likely know them for their incredible selection of gourmet sandwiches. 

Their brand speaks for itself, it's a proper sandwich shop dedicated to providing their customers with an experience like no other. Integrating new flavours and quality ingredients into their food, to create a unique offering. Their lunch menu offers everything you can expect a gourmet sandwich shop to carry, sandwiches, soup, salads, desserts, drinks, seasonal items as well as some additional offerings, see the full menu here.

While they have seen a ton of success, Wich is Wich wants to continue to expand their offerings to Londoners not just for lunch, but now for supper. For that reason, they went from a proper sandwich shop to a proper sandwich and supper shop. 

On November 9th, I had the honour of being invited to try out the new Wich is Wich supper menu and share my thoughts with the community as well as the owners! From the moment I walked through the door, it felt different, lights were turned down and candles were lit to create a relaxing and enjoyable environment. 

The dinner menu offered items that ranged in taste preferences. Entrees included a Manhattan Roast, Dumplings, Boar Belly, Halibut and Chicken Breast, all of which promoted unique flavours. The Chicken breast which sounded incredible, featured whole grains, date syrup vinegar, chicken jus and finally a swiss chard proscitto wrapped chicken breast. Their second category Salads & Things included caesar salad, nashi pear salad, panel cheese, scotchie egg, prawns, sliders and a burger.  

I opted to try the burger and my guest tested out the sliders, we ended up splitting the sliders and burger to test out both. What I liked most about the entrees was that they both had fantastic quantity as well as quality. The taste delivered was like no other,  you experience a lot of flavours in a short period of time, it makes you want to keep tasting! When I go to a restaurant I often feel a little bit of a food hangover from all of the salt and additives, however, I can honestly say that every bit felt strangely healthy. 

After the meal I got the chance to interview with Co-owner Josh and Chef James. Their responses to my questions, allowed me to deeply understand their desire to make Wich is Wich a success. Below I have complied their responses.

What Inspired The New Supper Menu?

The supper menu originated to add on to an experience as well as challenge the boundaries of the food they serve while staying true to the food style Wich is Wich represents. Their goal is to create not just a sandwich shop, but also something that compliments other versions of Wich is Wich in order to appeal to a broader spectrum of customers who enjoy experiencing new styles of food.

What's The Mission of Wich is Wich?

Their mission at Wich is Wich is really to bring a new opinion on food, getting rid of the mass production side of the business and really sticking to providing customers a unique and flavorful experience.  

How Was Wich is Wich Created?

Wich is Wich was created to test the boundaries on food and offer an experience of flavours like no other in the city of London. They were founded with the idea in mind that they would be a local boutique sandwich shop. 

What's To Like About Downtown?

Being central to everything allows them to really experience the culture of the city. Being close to Convent Garden Market allows them to create long lasting relationships with recurring customers that live and work nearby.

Who Is The Typical Customer?

The great part about Wich is Wich is that they are really there for anyone to enjoy. Whether it's a Sandwich at lunch or Chicken for supper, they are really there to support those who enjoy eating flavourful and unique food offerings. Often they see returning students from year to year who live here during the school year and return home in the Summer months.

What's The Signature Item On The Supper Menu?

The entree both Josh and James promoted was the Halibut Fish Dish. They explained that the dish is rather simple, however they have experimented with the flavours to create a unique spin on the dish. Don't get too attached though, because the menu will be changed every so often to create new flavours for customers to enjoy. 

Did you enjoy reading up on Wich is Wich: A Proper Sandwich and Supper Shop? Be sure to check them out in person on 125 King Street in London, Ontario. Want to see what they look like online? Check out their Facebook, Instagram and Website.