Spending Some Time @ The Barre

On November 10th, 2017 I had the opportunity to meet with Kristy LeBlanc owner of @ The Barre, a fitness and Pilates studio, located in the heart of Downtown London at a 615 Richmond St Unit D in London, Ontario.

Kristy LeBlanc, owner of @ The Barre found her passion in Pilates and Fitness after she was introduced to it during personal rehabilitation from a car accident. Once completing the rehabilitation, and becoming certified, she began her years of working as a part-time Pilates instructor around the city in different studios and home taught classes. As her practice became more demanding, she left her corporate career and follow her passion.

@ the Barre began in February of 2015 and they have seen an incredible amount of success, enough so that they are now heading into their third year in the city. The name is a play on their location between bars on Richmond Row, which Kristy dedicates some of the success to. Being centrally located made sense for their business as a number of Kristy's clients were professionals who work downtown and they wanted the ability to feed off of collaboration between other business. Luckily, Kristy was able to find a downtown location which provided an open concept space with large windows and natural light throughout. 

If you think you're too old for Pilates, Kristy could argue that, with some of the clients being even 70+ years old, often beating out the younger clients with their performance! While the studio is majority women, Kristy mentions that there are a number of men who show up regularly due to the noticeable health and fitness benefits. 


The classes and services offered through @ The Barre include: Reformer Pilates, Cardio Tramp, Mat Pilates and Barre Pilates which originated with Ballet Dancers using the bar combined with the fluid movement of Pilates. @ The Barre also offers a number of tailored private sessions, often with referrals from doctors who see the benefits in Pilates. Their most popular class is Barre due to the high energy, pace and fun times throughout the entire session, everyone can essentially let loose and enjoy.

As we wind down to the end of the year, I asked Kristy what she most excited about in the future. Their response was that they are looking forward to really networking and creating a lot more collaborations with other entrepreneurs. They also look forward to working on creating an environment and community that focuses on reducing the stigma around women's issues, while making @ The Barre a happy place for London.

Did you enjoy reading about @ The Barre? Be sure to comment your thoughts below. If you would like to check them out in person, you're in luck! On Saturday December 9th from 11am-3pm is their Holiday Open House with hot drinks and treats as well as demonstrations of the classes offered! See more here