Nutrition Bites A Source of Healthly


With so much information on nutrition and health for the public to navigate through, Nutrition Bites officially decided enough was enough! Sandra Venneri, owner and Top Finalist in the 2017 Mompreneur National Awards, saw too many people looking towards celebrities and trusting information from what they thought was a credible source.  With her wealth of education and experiences in nutrition, public health, home economics and agriculture, she set on a path to provide relevant and scientifically accurate information by becoming an entrepreneur with her business, Nutrition Bites.  

Nutrition Bites’ mission is to put healthy living, food and nutrition into “digestible bites” for “consumers”.  Giving people the confidence in making healthy decisions allows them to manage their well-being in a busy lifestyle with less worry and stress.  Sandra is all about empowering others to take the next step on their path to a healthier lifestyle.  Nutrition Bites has been at local expos such as VegFest London & Whoa Mama! Marketplace events and continues to pop-up around London and surrounding areas.

The services that Nutrition Bites offers are a refreshingly new experience for consumers.  This local business provides a friendly, fun, and supportive environment with a focus on increasing client confidence in themselves using a hands-on skills approach.  Many nutrition professionals in the field tend to focus on certain foods and either making them into a villain or the must-have, must-eat categories.  Nutrition Bites is not about an extreme diet or set of rules. 

Hands-on lessons and workshop discussions allow a person a more relaxed learning environment and allow it to be relatable, easy to remember and replicate.  Sandra’s background in food science, dietetics, agriculture, and home economics allows her to adapt lessons to individual interests and needs.  She can address various dietary concerns with nutrition and culinary support.

This has made Nutrition Bites a go-to for children services.  Nutrition Bites Birthday parties are a tempting and healthy alternative to big box stores.  The event provides edutainment for children, food served/included so parents are worry-free and skills taught to guests which will last years past the celebration itself.

“I can’t possibly express how happy I was with my experience.  My daughter had a fantastic time and loved Sandra.  It’s great that Sandra knew how to keep the kiddies attention.  She had great facts and was very age-appropriate.”

Birthdays come once a year, but cooking lessons are taught year-round as well.  Many parents are looking for their child(ren) to have an enjoyable and healthy activity (similar dance, hockey, soccer, and art lessons) that will provide skills they can use daily but also help them to be independent as young adults.  Some parents are too busy to cook and share their knowledge, others do not know the basics themselves.  Nutrition Bites allows for parents to give their children a way to learn important skills of feeding themselves and nourishing their bodies for life as well as increasing the child’s self-esteem and confidence.

Well prepared lessons full of information presented in an easy to understand and fun way. Service exceeded our expectations.”

Growing Up Healthy Seed to Fork Kits is a very recent innovation that has sprouted from the teaching experiences within Nutrition Bites. The lost connection between growing food, cooking and personal health inspired this newly launched product.  It provides a unique and fun activity with an end-product that makes people happier, confident and saying, “I can do this again!”.  Don’t be discouraged by the name: this food literacy kit is for all ages and stages of gardeners and cooks.  It takes Sandra’s hands-on approach and teaching style to reach into more homes and lives across the country.  Growing Up Healthy Kits have recently been announced at a “Rising Star” for the Spring Merry Maker Fair at the Covent Garden on Sunday, May 7th.  You can purchase them online at Nutrition Bites website ( with free shipping across Canada!

Yet, Nutrition Bites is not just for children.  Sandra believes that tackling nutrition and health isn’t all about food.  In addition to personal nutrition coaching, she is a certified Craving Change ™ facilitator who leads adult-only workshops on mindful eating.  These behaviour-based workshops helps people understand their own relationship with food and learn strategies on how to improve without a diet or meal plan.  The next upcoming workshop is being hosted at In Your Space Yoga Collective (another local London business) starting on March 12th, 2017.  Registration is open at change

Personally, Sandra is a passionate and active community member.  She volunteers on the Ontario Home Economics Association Executive Board (VP of Membership), is the London Home Economics Association Newsletter Editor and recently was offered a seat on the Waterloo Food Roundtable.  

As a parent, I loved all the kitchen tricks and nutrition tips that Sandra provided. I wish I took notes!

Nutrition Bites has only been operating two years in business, officially.  This London-based business has just given us a “taste” of what to expect in the years to come!  Be sure to follow Nutrition Bites on Facebook (@NutritionBitesCanada), Twitter (@Nutritionbites8), Instagram (@Nutritionbites) for updates.  Nutrition Bites’ services, products and recipes can be found on the official website at