Wooly Maple Canadian Made Clothing

Wooly Maple started in 2014 when founder Ashley Burt found herself unemployed and struggling to find a job. In a group therapy program at the time, Ashley found it difficult to find an employer who would accommodate her therapy schedule and as a result, needed to find a way to bring in income on her own. 

In the midst of financial uncertainty, mental health issues and her Mother's battle with Cancer, she turned to an old hobby that had always brought her happiness and comfort; crocheting. 

She began crocheting hats, scarves and other winter accessories and advertising them on Facebook. When the response to her work began to grow, she began taking custom orders for just about anything in an attempt to build her portfolio; crochet dog toys, beer cozies, blankets, even Pee Wee Herman dolls. After a few months of challenging custom orders and landing a full time job, Ashley decided to scale back and focus on what she enjoyed most; designing and creating unique and one of a kind winter accessories. 

With the encouragement of her family and friends, exposure from numerous craft shows in the area and the friendship of The Been Garden owner Kandice Trickett, Wooly Maple went from a hobby sized operation to a full blown small business with inventory in five retail locations across London. In the Winter of 2015 Ashley completely re-branded Wooly Maple and introduced the iconic moose logo that can now be seen on all of her products. 

This Summer in an attempt to diversify her product line and make it "seasonless", Ashley began her own line of clothing by adding hand printing T-shirts and tank tops to the Wooly Maple line. Ashley is involved in every step of the process, from designing the art work, making the screens and printing the shirts herself. 

Ashley plans to continue the clothing line into the Fall/Winter of 2016, with Wooly Maple sweatshirts, hoodies and long sleeve T-shirts in the works. The Wooly Maple classics will also be available, including chunky infinity scarves, knotted headbands, slouchy hats and a few new exciting designs. 

Watch for Wooly Maple this Fall at the Etsy Made in Canada: London show, the Merry Makers Fair which she is co-organizing alongside Jasmine Lai of Cocoaloe Naturals, and a long list of other craft shows in the area. 

We encourage you to learn more about Wooly Maple through their Instagram or Facebook Page, you can also check out Wooly Maple's products on Etsy.