Boho Bake Shop - Where Great Food and Wellness Come Together

Boho Bake Shop began as a passion for great food and an enthusiasm for health and wellness. After being diagnosed with a sensitivity to gluten and dairy, Nicole Haney began searching for foods that would fit into her new diet. Although many foods are naturally gluten- and dairy-free, Nicole was unable to find any prepared food that was both healthy and tasted good. As a result, she started making her own snacks, beginning with a simple granola bar.

Nicole quickly found that other people were looking for the same thing that she was: healthy, plant-based food that tastes great. Without many options available for healthy food, many people resort to making their own from scratch – a process which can be difficult and time-consuming. As a result, many people end up buying a product that meets the constraints of everyday life, which often means sacrificing healthiness, quality, or both. Nicole identified the gap in the market for a product that would meet all of these needs and began to work on developing more recipes and products. 

What began as a desire for a healthy snack has quickly turned into a successful and growing business. In just a few months, Boho Bake Shop has grown from an order-only bakery to a burgeoning retail and farmer’s market business. Products are now available at local markets across the city and at a growing number of retail locations, with plans to expand into cafes and further retail locations in the coming months. With the recent procurement of a café-style location at the Western Fair Farmer’s Market in London Ontario, Boho Bake Shop has begun to promote a new line of fully vegan products including doughnuts, brownies, and cookies. Nicole’s passion for her craft shines through in the quality of her baked goods and Boho Bake Shop’s expanding list of products and flavours.  

Connect with Boho Bake Shop on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and stop by their booth at the Western Fair Farmer’s Market on Saturdays (upstairs, beside Nuts for Cheese). They can also be reached at or 519-872-8429.