Booch Organic Kombucha

When owners of Booch Organic Kombucha, Shannon Kamins and Shawn Slade met, they found that they had many common interests. Early on in their relationship, while Shannon Kamins was obtaining her Health Science Degree from Western University in London Ontario, she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease; a disease in which a person experiences deterioration of the small intestines with consumption of gluten products. After doing extensive research to find solutions on how to heal her digestive system, Shannon knew that going gluten free was not enough and thus set out to find products that are free from genetically modified organisms as well.

While Shawn Slade was in the business of personal training, he began to seek ways to help Shannon with her research, and became a certified holistic coach. With the holistic practice and personal training, Shawn was able to help his clients live to their fullest through both fitness and health goals.  After years of Shawn working with clients and his interest in health nutrition, he decided to go back to University to obtain a Master's of Science degree in the health promotion field. 

Over several years of learning the art of creating fermented foods to help improve Shannon's digestive system, Shannon and Shawn became experts and still frequently hold workshops to educate others within the community. After experimenting with a number of fermenting processes and organic foods, Shannon found her passion most in making Kombucha, a fermented tea. Recommended by a number of health professionals, Kombucha has been noted to improve healthy living and most importantly heal digestive systems, check out more benefits of Kombucha here.

Creating Kombucha for herself, Shawn and family and friends, they began recognizing the need for Organic Kombucha in the marketplace once orders of Kombucha began flooding in from her sphere. Soon after, Shannon and Shawn founded Booch Organic Kombucha as a way to share their passion for the drink, educate others on digestive health and to promote local businesses. (Which we love!) 

Today, Booch Organic Kombucha has seen a tremendous amount of success in London Ontario and the surrounding area, in less than a year they have expanded to over 50 locations across Ontario. Located in a number of local markets, cafe's, restaurants and even yoga shacks, they are continually educating others on the power of Booch Organic Kombucha and building their brand, see their current retail locations here. We can't express enough at Living London Ontario how proud we are to see a local start-up become as successful as Booch Organic Kombucha has, and we are proud to have you represent London Ontario!

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You can also contact Booch Organic Kombucha at (519) 933-2902

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