Have you been to 12 Barz?

If you live in London, Ontario and were active on social media during the night of November 30, 2016, you may have come across a yearly event that made it's way through the Forest City. The event name is 12 Barz and it is essentially just the way it sounds. Starting out as a way to have a  night before the final weeks of exams for many college and university students, it soon became much more than that. Now expanding to multiple locations across North America with their recognizable green and red Christmas themed t-shirts sporting a check list of activities to do on the back and promotional gear, you certainly won't miss seeing those who are participating in the event.

Check out the 2015 Trailer:


What we love than anything is 12 Barz support of businesses in the Forest City. The stops were local bars such as Ceeps, Jacks, Barking Frog, Taphouse, Prohibition and Tabu all of which are some of Londoners top bar choices. With this boost in festivities in the downtown area it is great to see businesses thrive and students find a bit of relief before they go back to their final weeks of their fall semester. Good luck students and don't worry if you missed out on this years 12 Barz, you can be ready next year or check out one of their upcoming times in other cities by clicking here. Comment below if you went to 12 Barz this year and if so what did you think?

Take a look at the fun on Instagram below:

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