5 Things Londoners Know to Be True


London, Ontario is a unique city in just about every way possible. Just like every city, the residents know the good and the bad of living there. In this blog, i'm going to share 5 things every Londoner knows to be true. 


#1. Avoid The Trains

Now this may sound a little bit strange, but every Londoner knows the struggle of the train system running through our entire city, right down the middle. If you're trying to get anywhere in the city, always know the routes that take you under the passing train or avoid the railway at any cost. Otherwise, you'll end up stuck in traffic, racing to your next appointment. 


#2. We Love Food

I don't think it's a secret that Londoners love their food, who doesn't? Our Downtown Core is beginning to fill up with some incredible local restaurants, breweries, cafes and bars, all featuring unique items. Kosmos is one, home to the pulled pork sandwich stuffed with macaroni and cheese, absolutely amazing. Looking to enjoy some pad thai? Quynh Nhi located on 55 Wharncliffe Road North features some of the best in the city. 

#3. There's No Lack of Shopping Centres or Grocery Stores

There are no excuses that you forgot to pick up eggs on your way home from work, mostly because you will likely pass just about every single grocery chain possible. Whether it's Nofrills, Superstore, Loblaw, Frescho, Farm Boy, Walmart or Metro, we just about have one on every single corner. 

Need to get some shopping done? London also loves their shopping centres, whether it's smart centres or indoor malls, we have a ton of shopping available, even if a majority of it is the same retailers. 


#4. We Have Some Incredible Parks

We are called the forest city for a reason, and that's because of the love we have for nature. London is widely spread out, making room for trees everywhere. Boulevards, gardens in the median of the road, backyards, and parks, we have a lot of nature surrounding us. If you're looking for parks, try having a bike trail run through your entire city. That's right, London  has a park that connects from the far North East end, all the way to the South West end of the city, followed by the Thames River. 


#5. We Have Everything!

London is extremely lucky, we have access to top tier health care including Western University, Sick Kids Hospital, and Victoria Hospital. We also are home to top tier education including Fanshawe College, Western University, Trios College, Westervelt College. 

When it comes to entertainment, we also have tons of that too! Budweiser Gardens, Axe Throwing, Rock Climbing, Archery Tag, and many more to come! The previous Kellogg's Plant is now being renovated into an indoor fun park, and Masonville Mall is going to be including an indoor arcade centre.

What do you think? Did I miss any Londoner secrets? Comment below on some of the things that you think are thing that Londoners know to be true about living in the city. 

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