Fit For a Cause - Sweaty Successful Moms

Sweaty Successful Moms is a supportive community that educates, inspires and empowers busy moms to live out their most beautiful unique lives! We believe a supportive community that is inclusive, brings people together, listens without judgement, while offering solutions and encouragement, is essential to motherhood. Motherhood can be a trying time with many ups and downs and tribulations, we’re here to be your tribe! Remember it takes a village.

At Sweaty Successful Moms we educate by sharing content on a variety of subjects that are important for our holistic health, including: emotional well-being; enhanced physical health; supportive relationships with yourself, family, and friends both old and new; and money mindset. We inspire moms through our authentic, imperfect action of just doing! Through our shared content and examples of imperfect action, we offer you a variety of tools to add to your own growing tool kit. These tools will empower you to take your own imperfect action and to follow your own dreams and passions. We’re here to support you through this! Remember, we always believe in you - especially on the days you don’t believe in yourself! As Sweaty Successful Moms ourselves, we get it! We’re busy!!!! We want to do it all and have it all and find that elusive balance to life. We’re here to remind you, that it’s OK not do it all yourself... that’s what a supportive community is for. We’re here to help you redefine your success, to LIVE OUT LOUD, take action and create your most beautiful and unique life - whatever that means to you! 

One of our favourite ways of living out loud and connecting with community is through our “Fit for a Cause” events! It’s hard to make it to the gym or find time for exercise when you have little ones at home. We want to make this easy for you! So once a month we team up with a local business to create a safe, fun, integrative space for you to workout alongside your little(s).  A five-dollar donation goes towards a local charity, and includes a child-friendly workout, a cup of our Sweaty Successful Moms Coffee – roasted by O-Joe and time to socialize and connect with other moms.  Some of our past supporters are; Femme Force Fitness, ANDFIT, Mums and Bubs, Strongher Fitness, Rebirth Wellness Centre, House of Fortune – Wellness Strengthened by DDPY and CTC Obstacle Course.  Our next Fit for a Cause event will be at Evolution Yoga in May.  Follow us on Facebook for upcoming details and reach out if you would like to be a part of an upcoming Fit for a Cause Event!  We look forward to sweating with you! Thank you for supporting our community as we all continue to grow.